Labor Rates

Hourly Rate for Labor:                               $75.00 per hour

Hourly Rate for Travel Time:                   $37.50 per hour

Hours worked in excess of 8 but less than 12 on a single day and Saturday are billed at a rate of time and one half.

Hours worked in excess of 12 on a single day and on Sunday are billed at a rate of doubletime.

Minimum Labor Charge:

Within a 75 mile radius of El Paso, Tx:            2 hours

Greater than 75 miles radis of El Paso, TX:    4 hours

Travel up to 150 miles is by company vehicle, travel in excess of 150 miles is by comercial airline.

Hotel, airfare and car rental billed at cost.

Per diem billed at $35.00 per day.

We look forward to serving you.

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Service and installation costs on Yushin robots and sprue pickers are paid to Yushin America, Inc. at their current labor rates.

CMMS hardware and software, training and installation are quoted per project, with a minimum cost and a maximum cost limit.

Sevice contracts are available, with reduced rates for travel and labor. Please contact us for a quotation.